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Leak Detection Services
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Specialising in the detection of water leaks on underground mains at commercial, industrial and domestic premises throughout Scotland.

Using the latest Electronic Acoustic equipment and 20 years experience of successful leak detection on water mains enables the pinpointing of underground leaks.

Satisfied clients include: Councils, NHS, Property and Facility management companies, Water Consultancy Companies.

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The services we deliver include:

  • Water Leak Detection
  • Step Testing
  • Water Consumption Management
  • Smart Metering (flow data logging)
  • Sub meter installation
  • Network Analysis
  • Main Tracing and Mapping
  • Pressure and Flow Testing
  • Fire Hydrant Surveys

We carry out these services ourselves and therefore offer quality, consistency, attention to detail, flexible hours of work to suit your site requirements and all at a competitive price.

To make enquiries regarding any of our services please contact us at:

Sandford, St Ninian's Rd, Alyth, Perthshire, PH11 8AP.

Tel/Fax: 01828 633750      Mob: 07751 999881

Email: m2kfaulkner@aol.com

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